• CODE:1

    The TV industry is known for it’s short turnarounds and long hours, and this project was to be no different. With an urgent two day turnaround and the clock running, we sat down with our sketch pads and thinking caps …

    • Client: 
      2B Media
  • M.I.E

    Marine and Industrial Engineering Ltd is a newly formed company that specialises in large scale structural engineering, from ship repair to plant machinery design, build and implementation.

    They required a new brand and website design and build to showcase their …

    • Client: 
      Marine Industrial Engineering

    There are some clients you just love dealing with, just like you resonate with some friends more than others, there are clients that just let you be yourself… they leave you to see what results you will deliver without their …

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    We’ve worked on many projects with our good friends at Paul Ellis Publicity, and we finally managed to convince them that after years of success, perhaps they should have their own branding.

    PEP are all about generating excitement, and doing …

    • Client: 
      Paul Ellis Publicity

    ECONZ Limited approached us to design a logo, branding, and the user interface for Icestack a smartphone app.

    Icestack transforms your smartphone into a one-stop service center.

    The user-friendly interface lets you build your own personalized service-catalogue, stacked only with …

    • Client: 

    An online payment and social funding software company approached us to come up with a name for the company, a new brand and company website. As a B2B business, they wanted something that showed that they were young and tech-savvy, …

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  • 3D STEEL

    3D Steel is a young CAD Design company specialising in steel drafting.

    Their existing branding suited them as they started out, but they were rapidly gaining a reputation within the industry, and needed a more sophisticated and trustworthy look and …

    • Client: 
      3D Steel

    Pure Productions a leading full service television and video production company based in Auckland approached us to better position them in a competitive marketplace with a new brand. To help them stand out from the crowd we developed a refreshing …

    • Client: 
      Pure Productions

    We were asked to develop a brand for a range of garden products. The brand needed to convey strength, reliability, trustworthiness, and friendliness. The thought process was for the range to have a three pronged approach with entry level, mid …

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    Paul Ellis Publicity, PEP as they are fondly known, approached us to design the album artwork for the Starship Foundation – the christmas Album.

    The album secured weeks of publicity coverage, hit number 2 in the charts during the key …

    • Client: 
      Starship Foundation