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Every business should have a brand.
Beans & Rice are in the business of building brands.

Beans & Rice are in the business of building brands. Brands are like people. They come in all shapes and sizes, wear different clothes, speak different languages, and express themselves in their own way. Like people, brands have personalities. This is what people gravitate towards. This is what people engage with.

In a crowded room, we will give you the legs to stand out. Whether you’re a startup or you’ve been in business for decades, we will give your business a brand, make it likeable and give your customers all the reasons why they want to be with you and be loyal to you. It’s about making friends and doing all the right things to keep them. Getting your brand right will explode your business.

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What we do
What we do

We help businesses discover (and even rediscover) who they are and then how to express themselves.

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How we do it

Connecting your customers to experience your brand in a meaningful way requires a process.

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Who we are
Who we are

We’ve got just the right mix to keep it fresh and accessible but also to keep it moving.

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Some words our clients made us share

Four immediate observations from my dealings with Beans & Rice are: service readiness, careful thought, practical applications and creative craft. Beans & Rice helped Hunting & Fishing New Zealand reposition its iconic brand as leaders in the outdoor recreation market in ways that appealed to a much wider market catchment than before, without diminishing our long established core market appeal. Challenges included the redesign of our store presentations, publications and promotional templates. The process relied on a careful interpretation of our market insights and strategies, with fresh and adaptable market presentations, incrementally developed over time as our budget and operational practicalities would allow. Beans & Rice have consistently proven to be reliable and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Chris Cameron - Marketing Manager

Brilliant – you and your team are exactly on my marketing page which is a breath of fresh air, it is so refreshing to finally see some highly professional branding in this business!

Steven Hands - CEO, TradeZone Industrial

We were thrilled to have them on board, it was a great partnership. We loved working with them, they are easy to get along with, they had an instinctive understanding of what we were trying to achieve – and they have a nice sense of humour. When you have them around, it’s easy.

Jens Hertzum - Creative Director, Blacksand Executive

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Beans & Rice team for your amazing work pulling together the NZSQ website. We are really thrilled with the way it looks and the functionality of the site. Also really grateful to you for pulling out the stops and making this happen within the timeframes. With your input, the NZSQ has freshened its overall look and we’ve achieved a consistent set of marketing collateral that we feel really proud of. We thank you for taking the work on and know that the NZSQ will look forward to working with you in the future.

Rose Campbell - Manager, New Zealand String Quartet Trust

Everything went incredibly well, it was awesome!!! You guys did a terrific job and it was very much appreciated within the wider Fonterra business. The workshop certainly turned a few heads and we’ve had nothing but praise and positive feedback come back from everyone that attended. The actor we had was unreal and just brought everything together perfectly.

Andrew McKechnie - Field Business Manager, Fonterra Brands Ltd


+ Brand Identity Development
+ Logo Design
+ Logo Suite
+ Stationery
– Letterheads/Invoices
– Business Cards
– Email Signatures
+ Brand Guidelines
+ Annual Reports
+ Flyer/Brochure Design
+ HTML Emails
+ Newsletter Design
+ Vehicle Signage
+ Building Signage
+ Photography
+ Print Production
+ Copywriting
+ Trade Show Material


+ Brand Values, Mission, Vision
+ Brand Personality Development
+ Brand Tone of Voice
+ Brand Positioning
+ Brand Naming
+ Brand Architecture
+ Brand Story Development
+ Content & Language Development


+ Website Design & Development
+ Customised Template Design
+ Key Messaging Development
+ Social Media Integration
+ Forms
+ Full Content Development
+ News/Blog
+ Gallery & Portfolio
+ Full eCommerce
+ Pricelists/Tables
+ Google Analytics Dashboard
+ Payment Gateway Setup
+ API Integration
+ Parallax & SVG Animation
+ Security
+ Photography


+ Google AdWord Campaigns
+ Content Maintenance
+ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
+ Google Analytics
+ Hosting
+ Email


+ Social Media
+ Email Communications
+ Digital Display Advertising
+ Retargeting
+ Remarketing
+ Search Engine Marketing
+ Video
+ Television
+ Cinema
+ Radio
+ Outdoor
+ PR
+ Press
+ Print
+ Direct Marketing
+ Promotions
+ Point of Sale
+ Events