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Change is a comin’

As the addage goes, the only thing to be sure about in life is change. And what a world of change we live in! With the fallout Brexit chaos, the chaos that is Trump and unruly tourists in our country, it’s a good thing we have fluffy cat YouTube videos to get us laughing again!

As the new year kicks into full gear, we reflect on the changes we want to make in ourselves, sometimes we need to look at our business to see what changes might need to be made there. All of a sudden we are bombarded with ‘fresh starts’ and ‘new you’ campaigns. Just as we grow and mature, so does our business. It may not look cool in shorts and a t-shirt anymore. It might just look a little bit ridiculous to the people we’re hoping to attract. Perhaps a rebrand is in order.

The Franchise Association of NZ

A fresh look for FANZ

Brand is critical to the success of franchises, and the Franchise Association was well in need of a refresh to help lead that charge. Check out how we helped them upgrade their brand, and consider how we can help your business make a change for the better too.

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