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Content is like Water

What is content?

Content is a compilation of information, ideas, and messages translated into written, visual, or audible format for others to consume. Content informs, entertains, enlightens, and teaches people who consume it.

Why is it important?

Today’s buyer no longer wanders into a store to ask for advice. Instead they will do their own research first. 66–90% of the buyer’s journey is complete before they even reach out to a sales person.

Why is it like water?

Content needs to be fluid so that it fits exactly where the customer is on their journey to purchase. It should also be able to take the form of whatever media it needs to be at the time, whether it’s the written word or visual communications.

Let it flow

So it is important to help your customers self-educate through their buying journey. High quality, educational content helps you become a trusted resource for your customer. It helps your brand stand out from the noise, and it also reduces risk for the buyer because you are creating a lasting relationship.

Beans & Rice are content creation specialists. It’s what we do. Let us help you communicate with your customers better, whether verbally or visually or a bit of both. Then when you notice you’re getting better returns from your customers, let’s get together and raise a glass or two.