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We’re a friendly bunch. Often we’ll start the day with a game of peaknuckle over our cups of coffee, share stories about this and that; about our life’s antics, things that we see and do that inspire. How do you get inspired? Do you troll through Pinterest or pick up the latest Woman’s Day?

Well we packed our daybags and set off to Gibbs Farm situated alongside the Kaipara Harbour to walk amongst sculptures nestled in the landscape. Talk about crazy dreams! The imagination and the engineering to make these ideas come to life excited us and gave us such inspiration that we talked about it for days afterwards. Not only that, but the exotic animals got us excited too! Have you ever fed a giraffe?! We did. Ever seen water Buffalos crossing water?! We did.

The class adventure did the trick in getting our creative energy up and up and up. So, while we’re on a high and excited about what we do (more than usual that is), feel free to give us a yell to talk about what’s inspiring to us, or to you, your job or life in general – we’ve got plenty to share around!

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Here’s a peek at our Gibbs Farm adventure