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How to get your work mojo flowing

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2015, the year where everything’s going to be better than ever! We hope you’ve had a fantastic Summer so far and a magical break away. To help make this year the best ever, we thought if we kick it off in the right way, then hopefully the rest of the year should fall neatly into place.

5 tips for easing into 2015

We understand what it’s like to be human, so if your body’s back at work but your mind isn’t, fear not, below are a few tips to help ease yourself into the new working year.

Get in early

Start a bit early when no one is around. Move the crap off your colleagues’ desks and put it on your own. By the time everyone else arrives it will look like you’ve already got enough to do. By gradually slipping the work back off your desk throughout the day, you’ll also manage to appear highly productive.

Clear your emails

Read all emails that require no action on your part first – newsletters, joke threads, that kind of stuff. Avoid any emails from your boss or clients, or anywhere the subject line might imply work. Forward those to somebody else’s attention.

Change your posture

Having a good posture is more than just a way to preserve your spine, it gives the illusion that you are concentrating and working hard. Now type something as fast as possible. Once you’re really starting to feel it, it’s time to … oh, look at that, lunchtime.

Plan ahead

Returning to work after a holiday is depressing. Everything fun is now behind you and a year of work lies ahead. It is important to have things to look forward to, so start planning your next holiday.

Stay cool

With a new year comes new ideas and new thinking. Make yourself look great with little effort and keep up with what’s hot right now…

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