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New Zealand String Quartet

Formed in 1987, and together in its current form for over 2 decades, the New Zealand String Quartet is unequalled in its talent and delivery of classical chamber music.

In their quest to broaden their appeal to a younger audience, they asked Beans & Rice to review their branding and freshen their marketing collateral. We simplified their logo and modernised the look and feel across all their communications. We also rebuilt their website from the ground up, to bring it into line with their new branding and simplify their communication throughout the site.

Adam Summer School brings new meaning to the words “and one time, at band camp…”. No, not that way, it’s not that kind of camp! It is a week away though, down in sunny Nelson, but it’s a serious event on any up and coming classic musicians calendar. Taught by the masters of New Zealand String Quartet, these kids go on to international stages and careers in music. In 2014 they celebrated 20 years with a new look to herald in the next 20 years. With a fresh and vibrant colour palette that worked alongside the New Zealand String Quartet identity, we developed key pieces to ensure more visibility around campus and higher regard in those not in the know.


November 4, 2017


Brand refresh, Branding & Brand, Collateral design, Web development