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Who We Are

Meet the team


We’re a little fish in a big pond, but that doesn’t mean we can’t swim in the deep end with the piranhas. In fact, here’s our promise – fast moving, small fees, BIG ideas, huge creativity, great results, no biting. We’re pretty sure it’s the no biting thing that has seen our working relationships prosper and in the process your business. But, that could also have something to do with our award-winning creative.

There are no shoulder pads here – you won’t get tangled up in an impenetrable wall of suits, you’ll get to talk directly with our creatives. But just as a kindergarten isn’t run without teachers, neither is Beans & Rice without a bit of management. We’ve got just the right mix to keep it fresh and accessible but also to keep it moving.

Auckland Creative Design Agency
Chris Alder

Chris Alder


With ten years commercial experience in graphic design and over a decade of creative and film experience, Chris has worked on some of New Zealand’s most exciting brands.

A key strength is that he knows what works, this comes from being an experienced practitioner, well versed in bringing brands to life.

Steve Goldie

Steve Goldie


Steve began his career back in 1988 in graphic design, and in 1994 became an art director in advertising. His path has seen tenure in some of NZ’s biggest agencies, and over the years has earned numerous awards both locally and internationally. With his experience in through-the-line advertising, he has gained extensive knowledge in all facets of communication and media channels, both creatively and strategically, executing many successful campaigns for some of the country’s biggest clients.

Charles Li

Charles Li


Apparently no relation to Jet Li, but Charles can still bust out some pretty mean moves and kick butt with his mad design skills. We call him Chuck. Chuck has a number of years experience under his belt and can make anything look pretty darn amazing. Give him a brief and a deadline and he’ll give you a piece of art that talks to you.

Nathaniel Meyer

Nathaniel Meyer


There are some clever people in this world. You put a mountain of a problem in front of them and they can find a way through it; in Nathaniel’s case in 1’s and 0’s. And that’s how he has become known fondly as ‘Boy Wonder’. He might be young of age but he has the wisdom and maturity of an old soul beyond his years.

Some words our clients made us share

We were thrilled to have them on board, it was a great partnership. We loved working with them, they are easy to get along with, they had an instinctive understanding of what we were trying to achieve – and they have a nice sense of humour. When you have them around, it’s easy.

Jens Hertzum - Creative Director, Blacksand Executive

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Beans & Rice team for your amazing work pulling together the NZSQ website. We are really thrilled with the way it looks and the functionality of the site. Also really grateful to you for pulling out the stops and making this happen within the timeframes. With your input, the NZSQ has freshened its overall look and we’ve achieved a consistent set of marketing collateral that we feel really proud of. We thank you for taking the work on and know that the NZSQ will look forward to working with you in the future.

Rose Campbell - Manager, New Zealand String Quartet Trust

Everything went incredibly well, it was awesome!!! You guys did a terrific job and it was very much appreciated within the wider Fonterra business. The workshop certainly turned a few heads and we’ve had nothing but praise and positive feedback come back from everyone that attended. The actor we had was unreal and just brought everything together perfectly.

Andrew McKechnie - Field Business Manager, Fonterra Brands Ltd